Secrets Of The Sand

Slot machine test: Secrets of the sand

Once again it goes to Egypt in a slot machine. But as you've probably never seen the world of the Pharaohs. Gets a plus "secrets of the sand ™" already anticipating for innovation. This slot has the basic structure as the most slots though and is still completely different. It is a pure online slot machine by Naidoo, the Casino can come in, for example, in the Star Games. The major feature is simple, but very effective. "Secrets of the sand ™" has just two pitches, so instead of 15 in total 30 fields at the same time can be seen. Per page, there are also ten lines. It arises so already times per se is a very good chance of winning through free spins better.

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Secrets of the sand ™ online play

The design of "secrets of the sand ™" can be seen, what is one to two playing fields, but also otherwise is the virtual tour after Egypt succeeded. And the woman about the playing fields is a real pharaonic beauty, which in addition has its charm. However, the action takes place naturally in the fields. Even if two fields can act only once confusing, the basic task for you to spin same symbols in a row is also here. Each pitch is for himself alone.

The symbols and their value in the slot secrets of the sand

The symbols differ in their value. Some of them include the others after four already from two fields side by side. Overall, a line can be filled with up to five fields. Only if the same symbols form a series that starts on the left reel of the field, it counts as a win. You can even use screw, which ranks per pay-line and to adjust the height of your potential profits. Multiple rows are counted simply multiple.

On the good "secrets of the sand ™" is that there are two fields, the usage but thanks to the split line no higher than at other slots is. The simplest winnings with the letters and numbers make that occur relatively frequently. It becomes more interesting for your account with the Egyptian artifacts that can include even from two fields, but were only about, really care for profit. For a complete set with the Egyptian beauty, there is a multiplier of 250 with your usage will be charged. That can be seen.

Is the star of the game but not a person, but a book. Remembers where the "secrets of the sand ™" at "Book of Ra", at least as regards the symbol. The book is a wild and substitutes therefore other motives. In addition to being joker is one of the book but also for himself and can also scatter spins for 5 provide. You have the particularity that before the free spins bonus symbol is drawn, that then can spread a whole roll. You can then even more free spins win.

Slot machines instructions by secrets of the sand ™

Among other things, you can go in the Star Games Casino the secrets of the sand on the bottom. Here you can play free of charge to star, but there are real gains only with genuine deposit. Before you rotate the rollers, you can determine each use which has direct impact on the profit heights. Also, you can change the line. You can turn off per a line of two fields. You have the highest chances of course with all twenty payline.

Sometimes you win, maybe, but not so happy with the income. In this case, you can use the card risk might double your winnings. If you however predicts the wrong color, your profit in the impenetrable expanse of desert sand will vanish. Rather only when winning smaller the risk of card use, which is only optional.

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